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WARNING...WARNING..!!! FROM +27839622504 TRUE ILLUMINATI AGENT,NEVER CONTACT ANY PERSON FROM NIGERIA CLAIMING TO BE AN ILLUMINATI AGENT.. They are fraudulent, they will stop at nothing just to con you, they are fake agents. They're all over Facebook posing themselves with different pages, names and photos of the Illuminati organization. NEVER SEND MONEY TO THEM WE SHALL KEEP EXPOSING THEM TO YOU. BE WARNED NEVER TO CONTACT THEM IF YOU DO.TRY NOT TO PUT THE BLAME ON THE ILLUMINATI... The Illuminati will never contact anyone with individual names, we don't send agents to recruit people if they have not confirmed by our organization so please ignore anyone claiming to be an agent of our organization recruiting people, they are who scam who only want your money, they are not in anyway affiliated to the Illuminati, please be aware of this so you don't lay your blames on the Illuminati you can only be contacted when your payment for your initiation/membership form and the materials needed for your initiation has been confirmed by our supreme grand masters lodge in the united states. The Illuminati offers wealth, fame, power, protection, knowledge And any other thing you wish for. Including a tax free life, free medical attention , a free pass to travel around the world like every other member, emotional and creative lectures, to improve your mind. We have been doing this for years. We watches everything nothing is hidden from us. We are everywhere, We have members all over the world, we rule this world NOTE: WE DON'T RECRUIT PEOPLE NOR OWN SOCIAL NETWORK BEFORE NOW. Throughout our organization’s history, many citizens have inaccurately portrayed us in a negative manner. These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through videos, photos, articles, books, and unofficial online resources claiming to understand our mission and members. In creating this online destination, we hope to alleviate the concerns voiced by your governments and people and seek to provide insight into our goals. We invite you, the human citizens, to discover more about our organization and to understand your role in this planetary union because the establishment of the new world order is about to begin, that is why we are giving the this equal opportunity to everyone who is interested in joining our organization. Are you a POLITICIAN, ENGINEER, FASHION DESIGNER, ATHLETE, DOCTOR, ENTERTAINER, MODEL, GRADUATE/STUDENT WITH GOOD SKILLS, OR YOU HAVE IT IN MIND TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS. ETC. If you are interested, kindly u contact me on +27839622504




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